Analyzing Results

Access all your results of your survey quickly and easily, at any time throughout the process of data collection. In this section, you can view all of your data in a General, or Individual view, perform Data Visualization, download and view Graphics, export the results in various formats, delete responses, enable / disable geolocation, use filters, see the number of complete and incomplete responses, etc.


How can I access my results?

-Log in to your account

- click on the result button on your survey thumbnail

- Start analyzing all of your results.



Are you unable to access your results?

It is most likely that you have not paid for them, but do not worry, no information has been lost: it simply is not visible.

How can you determine if you have not paid for your results?

The responses counter which is found in the poll index, the bubbles will turn red if the answer amount has been exceeded.

To have access to your results, you can buy one of your Plans or you can choose to purchase responses As You Go.


Excess survey responses

Surveys have been answered when a user does not have credit / plan count as excess responses.


Note: no response is ever lost, it is simply not visible; perform an upgrade to have all information available at your fingertips.


See how many excess responses you have in the responses counter.

See how many times your survey has been responded to.

When you go into the results section on the top left, you will be given the name of your survey and told how many times it has been answered.


Response Status

See a quick status of your survey. How many are completed, how many are incomplete?



A survey is marked as completed when participants have answered all required questions.

Note: when a survey has leaps of logic, it will continue to count as completed whenever the person who is answering fills out all responses required, up until the end. 

View complete responses in the information bubble.



The participant answered one or more questions, but jumped around or just left the survey without finishing their responses.



Can I view only my completed responses in the results?

To access only completed responses:

- Go into the survey results

- In the upper right corner, go into Settings

- Select “Only completed responses”


Nota: You can choose to see either completed, incomplete, or both. The default is both.


Analyze survey results

Analyze your results in real time with just one click, you can access them at any time you wish.


Access your individual results

The view of individual results lets you see what each person responded to your survey with, each line will contain all responses given by a specific individual.


View data such as:


General Information

View the date and time that your survey was answered



If the individuals agree to provide their location data, information will be displayed to you such as:

  • Neighborhood
  • Sub-location
  • City
  • State
  • Country


Custom Variables

Provide a unique identifier for each survey respondent.



In this part, all answers found in the survey are found, with their results

Share survey results


Overall results

The overall results will give you a panoramic view of your survey, in which you can view:

  • Access your overall results in seconds.
  • Change the question with a single click.
  • View the number of responses, in full and their percentages.
  • Graph
  • Change the graph type with a single click
  • Download the graph


Note: The 3D graphs cannot be downloaded. Only flat graphs may be downloaded.

To disable 3D graphics configurations, view the results and click on the button until it turns gray.


Data visualization

Analyzing and creating your graphics can take a long time (Analyzing and Creating charts can be time-consuming), which is why Survmetrics makes it easy for you.

Quickly find the preferences of your users / customers, create filters and see the behavior of targeted users, etc.


We use two types of Data Visualization:

  • Trend Map
  • Decision Tree



Export results

Once you've paid for your results, you are entitled to download all of the results of your survey *. We have two types of export formats:




To export all results to one of these formats:


View the results section of your survey.

In the upper left corner, click on the export button.

Select the format which you wish to view the results in. Excel o CSV.

Click to start downloading the file to your computer in the export button.


Note: Results may not be exported if they are in excess.


Note: Excess responses are global, that is, if you come to a point where you have several surveys with excess answers, the total number will be displayed in the survey index (you can see the number of responses exceeded per survey, opening results each survey that you wish to see).

Due to the fact that all answers are global, you will need to pay the amount of the total number of responses exceeded. If only one portion is paid for, the answers are unlocked according to their date of collection; those which are unlocked first are those collected first.



Settings results

This is where you can change the settings for the display of your results.


All surveys have the option enabled to request data geographically in order to locate where it is being answered.


Enable or disable the Geolocation dashboard


Select that responses want to see, including all segments, complete or incomplete responses.

  • All
  • Complete
  • Incomplete


Activate White mode


Enable/disable 3D charts


Delete all of your survey responses.


Note: Even in the event that the answers are deleted, they will continue appear in the overall count. Why does this happen? To prevent people from erasing responses in order to have more responses "available," once a response is exceeded will appear in the overall count until the user pays for it.




Graph type

Changes the type of graph with a single click. Use different types of graphs to highlight different aspects, e.g. standing graphs used to recognize responses among different groups. Use Pareto chart to show which causes must be addressed first.

Types of graphs available:

  • Columns
  • Pie
  • Pareto
  • Bars
  • Funnel
  • Spider


Download graph

Download survey graphs to quickly create visually appealing reports.


Actions available

  • Print graphic
  • Download in:
  • PNG Image
  • JPEG image
  • SVG vector image
  • PDF document


To download a graphic:

Select the graphic that you wish to download (the 3D graphics may not be downloaded, you need to disable them).

Click on the button located on the right side of the screen..

Select the format in which you want to download the graph.

You’re all set to go.


Note: The 3D graphs cannot be downloaded. Only flat graphs may be downloaded.

To disable 3D graphics configurations, view the results and click on the button until it turns gray.


Geolocation panel

The geolocation panel lets you compare your results from quarter to country, you can make comparisons between countries, neighborhoods, cities, etc.


Let’s suppose that a group of people in Germany answered you in one way, and using this feature, you can ascertain that another group of people in India are responding in the same way.


Note: whenever the survey is open, a modal appears that asks users if they want to share their location. When people chosen not to share their location, they will appear as “Unknown”.


Real time responses

All Survmetrics accounts provide answers in real time by default, meaning that you can be monitoring all the answers in the entire process, from the moment you launch the survey.

- analyze results in minutes.

-change graphics with a single click

- view where your survey is being answered with the greatest frequency.



How to add variables get?

Yes, we support custom get variables, to send custom url is necessary to take the survey link, for example:


Then add: ?usr=12, the number that is gonna change is 12, this is the number that you give to every user. (For example is your number 12, is your number 13)



The number of the survey this case 5168+? +usr (short name for user) + = and the number that you have for some person. You send from email to

every contact.

This way you can have an excel with all your email contacts and the number that you give to them.


When you export the data this is gonna give you the number of who answer the survey, for example 12 and you can check your list to see who answered.


How can a free response be obtained?

As you know, each new account that is registered in Survmetrics acquires 200 branded responses free by default, and then you can earn more responses by sharing Survmetrics, it is very easy, you just need to click on the share button found on each of the listed social networks, and for every share you win 50 branded responses free.


Steps to take to obtain responses for free:

- Click on the social network button

- Access your social network page

- Share

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