Survey Distribution

Learn how to distribute your surveys online easily and quickly. See all the options that we have for distributing your survey in our distribution center.


Distributing a survey online is the best way to share your survey. This method will save you time.

You have already created your survey. What’s next? To make your next step an easy one, Survmetrics has several possibilities available on its platform for sharing your survey.

First of all, we provide a direct hyperlink to your survey. This link works like any other link.

Where you can find this link:

In the thumbnail of your survey for quick reference.

In the distribution button (in the top left-hand corner)

In the Menu on the left when you press Distribution > Email.


Ways to share your survey

All of these methods will help you to distribute your survey faster and more easily.



Share your survey by email. In this part, the link that you have to share is provided.

Sending the survey by email is the best method because it allows you to personalize the message that you want to send to your users; it also allows you to measure the open rate and compare it to the number of people who answer your survey.

Note: it must be sent from your email address. Survmetrics currently does not have email integration.


Do you want to share your survey on Facebook? We have you covered: share your survey without leaving the platform.

Distribution> Facebook> Select the survey> Click “Facebook share”



Do you have lots of followers on Twitter and want to take advantage of this platform to request a little feedback? Go to Distribution > Twitter > select the survey > Click “Twitter share”.



Getting the link to embed your survey on your website is very easy.

Go to Distribution> Embed> select the survey> Set Width/Height > Copy your iframe.

This is the best way to ask users who are constantly entering your site. It is also more practical because you are saving them time as they will not have to jump to another page in order to answer the survey.


QR Code

If you wish to try something different and printed media is your thing, you can always try a QR Code. A QR Code allows a device’s camera to take a photo of the code and translate it into an URL. It’s a simple and effective way of distributing your survey in printed media such as a magazine or a flyer.


Just click on download and a QR Code for your survey will be downloaded. You can then use this code in your designs. Be sure to try it out before printing; you don’t want to print the wrong code.

Distribution> Select the survey> Download QR Code.


Survmetrics is a web-based platform. To ensure that it functions well, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser.


Other ways of sharing your survey

Do you want your users to share your survey?

Make your survey go viral by allowing your users to share it with their social networks.

Learn how here


On which social networking sites can my users share my survey?

Your survey can be shared through:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • WhatsApp


How does it work?

At the end of the survey, the social networking buttons that you have set up will appear with the thank-you message. Users just have to click on these buttons in order to share the survey.


Go to the Editor, select “end slide” in the survey question list, and select each social networking site that you wish to add. (Click on the gray button until it turns green)


Can I add my company’s social networks?

Yes, of course you can. Add your company’s social network or your personal social network on the survey’s end slide.

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