Survey Editor

How to create an online survey with Survmetrics

Creating or editing a survey is extremely easy; if you know how to work with Power Point or Keynote you’re ready to go.

Get to know the structure of our editor:


Intro slide

This slide is used to present the introduction to the survey, for adding the purpose or description of the survey, acknowledgments, etc. It is also for additional information such as estimated time allotment, invitation to an event, notification of a gift or basically any text you want your respondents to see.

Add your company’s logo so your users can make a faster and more significant identification.

Personalize the start button.

*Click to edit every item.

* The intro slide cannot be reordered.


End slide

The end slide is used for adding a thank you message, for letting the respondents know that the survey has ended and that their answers have been sent.

It also contains a part for social networks, which is divided in two.

The first one is where you can input your Facebook and Twitter profiles or those of your company.

In order to enable the Facebook option, click on the icon and write the URL. For twitter you just have to write the user’s name. 

The second part helps respondents share your survey in an easy, simple, and quick way, with one click.

*For enabling every social network click until the button turns green.

*If you have added a redirect after your survey is finished, this slide will show a countdown that will automatically open your page; this option is available in the survey configurations, see how here.


Company’s logo, message/thankyou, company’s social networks and where the user can share them.


Text configurations for the end slide:

  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.
  • Paragraph
  • Preformatted text
  • Quote / unquote selection or paragraph
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Unordered List
  • Ordered List
  • Redo
  • Undo
  • Clear formatting
  • Align text left
  • Center
  • Align text right
  • Increase indent
  • Decrease indent
  • Toggle HTML
  • Insert image
  • Insert / edit link
  • Insert video


*The end slide cannot be reordered.


What they are, they’re for, and how to use them (example)


Survey Structure


Survey Question List

The thumbnails of the questions are on the left side of the editor.

Things I can edit in the question list


Survey Logic

Skip logic is a function that allows for sending the respondents to certain questions based on their current answers. This way, respondents won’t have to view the questions that do not apply to them, helping them save time and allowing you to make sure that each user is giving you the correct answers.


How to add skip logic to my survey?

We recommend that you first think about the structure you want for your survey. You can start by making notes of the flow your survey will have, then start writing all the questions you will include in the survey, and lastly, add the skip logic.


Steps to add skip logic

Click the first circle that appears on the left top corner in the thumbnail of your question.

Select the slide/question to which each one of the options is directed to.

Then close, and that’s it.


Types of questions to which you can add skip logic.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice with Images
  • Likert Scale
  • Rating
  • Smiley
  • Net Promoter Score


Once you finish all the work, you will want to try your skip logic, so use the editor’s preview to make sure that all skip logic is in the right place. Once you do this, your survey is ready.   


Note: if a question with skip logic is deleted, the general logic of the survey will have to be rearranged.


Warning! : Questions with enabled skip logic, will be disabled when the option “multiple answers” is used.



Duplicate a question

Sometimes we make surveys that include a type of question that needs to be repeated; in these cases, instead of starting all over again with the multiple option question you have already made, just duplicate it and make small changes if necessary. Avoid the fatigue of doing unnecessary work.


*Questions can only be duplicated within the same survey.

To duplicate a question just click on the second circle that appears on the left top corner in the thumbnail of the question.




Deleting a question

If you don’t need a question in your survey anymore, just delete it. Questions can be eliminated from the survey at any time.

Note: if the question has been answered/has gotten responses, the answers it has gathered will be deleted along with the question.

Go to the left side of the editor, the delete button is on the bottom corner of the thumbnail of the question.


How do I change the question order?

Reordering surveys is done with a switch/drag and drop.

Move the questions that are not in the correct position, add any new questions you just thought of and everything will work fine.


Create a question

Go to your Survey Dashboard

Create a new survey by clicking on the “New survey” button on the left side of the Survey Dashboard.

Steps to create a new question

Click on the “New question” button (the plus sign) on the right side of the editor.

Select the type of question from the available list.

Start editing your question and the answer options.

Save and close.



Survey Canvas

This is where you will be working directly to edit the options and see the structure of your survey.


Image with some explanations

Add an image

Add your welcome greeting and a brief description

Personalize the start button


Survey Configurations



We've added a theme to your survey, you can change it anytime by browsing through our themes or just make it your own in our styling options.

Colors, patterns, and pictures

Apply only to this question


Full screen mode



Preview Devices

All of our surveys are mobile-friendly, so when you start designing your survey, you can preview it on your cellular, tablet or laptop.


Click on each device to see your survey on each of them.


Note, the preview in your devices is an approximation of how the survey will look on each device, the size of the background image may vary. 


Adding an image

Adding images to surveys helps to draw the attention of participants, and it’s a way to create distinction and remind them of your brand. We recommend you to use background images that are related to your business or that create some kind of emotion within the user; for example, for hotel chains, it would be good to use images of a room that looks spacious, comfortable and relaxing. This image will remind users the good times they spent when they were on vacation and they will surely want to do it again, so it can be used not only as an instrument for gathering data, but also for brand positioning.

For restaurants, they could add their most popular dishes. Boutiques could use their last collection.


What size does an image need to be used as my background image?

Image Size

If you are wondering what the best size for an image to be able to use it as background of your survey is, here are some tips and requirements you need to follow. 


The image you are going to upload should not be over 1MB, if it is over 1MB and smaller than 3MB, Survmetrics will try an automatic resize; images larger than 3MB will be rejected and they will not be added to the survey, in which case you should resize them yourself. 



Do you want to know how many pixels your image needs?

There is no standard on how many pixels your image needs to have in order to comply with the 1MB requirement, but we can recommend that images should have around 2000 X 1500 px high quality in .jpeg (other formats like .gif and .png will make the image heavier so it may exceed the recommended 1MB).


The automatic resize is done in two parts of the editor, one is when the background image is being uploaded and the other one is the intro image of the image added above the question (in all these cases, the same rule applies).


Note: since we are giving an approximation of how it would look on each device, there may be a slight size variation of the image shown in the preview when compared with the image in the device (phone, tablet, laptop).


What happens if I delete a question that had logic?

All logic related to that question will be removed and can't be restored once a question has been deleted.


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