Types of Surveys

With Survmetrics you can create two types of survey

We have two survey type solutions, Branded and White Label.


Difference between Branded and White Label.

"Branded" surveys are the ones with the Survmetrics logo (small logo at the bottom of each slide and the line with our logo at the end of the survey) all responses that are submitted in a "Branded" survey are branded responses.


Example of how a Branded survey will look:

Normal survey example: https://surv.es/223-1dd8 

"White label" surveys are the ones where Survmetrics logos are removed, all the answers you get from a White Label survey  will be non-branded/white-label responses.

White label survey example: https://surv.es/223-22ff

Both surveys can be branded


Can both types of surveys be personalized?

Yes, both types of surveys can be customized, you can add your company logo (at the beginning and in each of the questions) your own background images, videos, the colors of your company, redirect to your website, etc.


Survey response

What is a response, or what counts as an answer?

Every time a person answers your partial (at least one question answered) or complete survey, it will count as a response.

When a survey is opened but not answered, it will not count as an answer.


Can I change my branded survey to White label?

Yes, you can change your survey from branded to white label and vice versa at any time.


To change the type of your survey:

Click on the "Edit" survey menu

Survey settings in the top right corner

General > Survey configuration> survey type.

Choose between Branded and White label.

Save configuration


Note: The answers already obtained in a survey that is branded or white labeled will not be able to be changed by modifying these options. That is, if a survey is created as a white label and answers have been given, those answers will be counted as white label answers, and if the survey is changed to branded, the new answers that the survey gathers will be branded.

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