Survey Styling

The style settings for your survey will help you to have complete control over your branding and personalize it exactly as you wish. With Survmetrics, adding style to your survey is very quick and easyno programming or previous training required.


Font (align, select font) 

Change the alignment of the text in your survey. Choose between:

  • Aligned to the left
  • Centered
  • Aligned to the right
  • Justified

You can also change the font face using this feature. You have more than 200 options to choose from.


Color (Background, font, accessories)

Change the background color, the font color and the color of the accessories.

To change the color, click in the box and select the desired color.



Change the background settings until you obtain the desired result. Play with images and colors to impress your users with your unique style. What you see is what you get; make the most of all the free settings.


Background style

Apply the following attributes to your images:

  • Repeat
  • Cover
  • Contain



Adjust the opacity of your images. Make them darker and combine them with white font and light logos, or make them lighter and combine them with black font and dark logos.



Change the position of your background image to obtain the desired angle.


Delete image

If you no longer need an image, you can delete it with a single click.

Note that this option only deletes the background image.


Select background

Select a new background image for your question and achieve the survey style that you want.


*All of these functions are available to all users.

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