Survey Index

What is the survey index?
The survey index is the place where you can manage your account and view all of your surveys. From here, you can edit, distribute and analyze your survey; buy responses; and access Eventbrite integration.

You can change information about your account here.
The way to get to this page:
When you log into your account, it is automatically the first page that you are taken to.
New in Survmetrics: you only need to register to begin enjoying all the benefits that attractive surveys supply.


Things you can access in the survey index:

-Accounts Menu
Each account has a menu that the user can access to change data—such as personal information—, view payment history, delete their account, etc.
Survey index Settings

This refers to the settings for your Survmetrics account. Here you can manage all of your information in one place, without having to change between pages. You can edit:
-Personal information
Update your contact information and change the name of your account, the email address used to access your account, and your password. You can also add your profile.
-Business information
Add your company’s data, such as name, country, telephone number, etc. The purpose of supplying this information is to generate a tax-deductible invoice should your company need it.
-Payment history
View your payment statements; the number and type of plans you have bought and the date on which they were bought; the amount; and other information. All payments that have been processed on the platform under your account name are recorded here.
-Closing your account
Although we would be very sorry to see you leave Survmetrics, there is no requirement stating you have to stay for a certain length of time; you can close your account whenever you wish. Keep in mind that when you close your account, all the information contained therein will be lost, as well as the responses that you have bought.
-About us
Agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Our lawyers want you to know all of your rights as a Survmetrics user.

You can access your settings by clicking on the name of your account in the upper right-hand corner of the survey index, clicking on our logo in the upper left-hand corner, or from the index.

Follow our tutorial to get off to a running start on the platform.

Upgrade your account so that you always have access to your data. It is very easy.
Find out more information here.

Log out
Log out of your account at any time.

Lock your account

Follow our tutorial to get off to a running start on the platform.

Main menu
My surveys
See the list of all of your surveys with just one click.

New survey
Create a new survey from scratch or use one of our predefined themes.

Distributing a survey online is the best way to share your survey. This method will save you time.

The pricing of plans on the platform depends on the number of responses that the user is going to get per month/year. Find out more information here.

Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell tickets to any event. We make it easy for everyone to discover events, and to share the events they are attending with the people they know.

Survey Index Settings
This refers to the settings for your Survmetrics account. Here you can manage all of your information in one place, without having to jump between pages. You can edit:

Survey thumbnail
In the thumbnail of each survey, you can carry out the following actions:

Survey menu
Name of the survey
Delete your survey
Access the distribution center
Look at the results of your survey
Copy your survey
View the link for sharing your survey
Quickly identify whether your survey is White Label

Survey responses counter
How many responses are available to me?
How do I find out the overall count of how many people have answered my survey/s?

Quickly identify how many responses you have available
Apart from being useful for easily identifying how many normal responses and White Label responses you have, you can easily buy one of our plans or buy prepaid responses on the platform.

-see how many branded responses you have left
-see how many normal responses you have left

Responses counter
Quickly view the number of responses you have remaining. The sphere on the left-hand side gives you the count of “Branded” responses while the sphere on the right-hand side gives you the White Label responses. You can also view the number of exceeded responses here. The spheres turn red when you have exceeded your allotted number of responses.

Note: none of the responses are lost. If you receive responses and you are not currently on one of our plans—in other words, you have exceeded your allotted number of responses—, they will simply not be visible until you upgrade. The responses do not expire; it does not matter if a month or a year has gone by as you will keep having the opportunity to buy these responses.


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